Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Rakutan, and More


You may be interested in starting an Amazon or eBay store. As your digital advisor, I can help you weigh the pros and cons of developing your own ecommerce website versus operating your own stores on Amazon or eBay (or all of these!). I can guide you through the strategic process, and I can also help you with the actual project management and execution; Iíve rolled up my sleeves and have actually done this work before. I can help you create and launch your store, manage and optimize products for search and sales, understand the nuances of running stores on these platforms, help design your listings, develop your online business processes, cultivate your feedback ratings, use the Amazon FBA program to your advantage, create detailed financial models to aid in decision-making, and much more.


Why eBay or Amazon?

There is a huge difference between an individual selling some old junk on eBay for a few bucks, and a real company sustaining a real eBay or Amazon business for profit, and really doing it right. It's true that it's easy to just start selling on eBay or Amazon. But, to do it at scale, and be consistently profitable, that's the tricky part.


More and more large enterprises are launching stores on eBay and Amazon. There are some significant advantages for doing so; especially in terms of incremental sales and new customer acquisition. There are also great operational efficiences if you know what you're doing. That's how I can help you.


Another reason: Many SMEs (Small/ Medium-sized Enterprises) who are not running significant or successful e-commerce operations can find it daunting to get started. There are significant startup costs to do it right, not to mention staffing requirements that may make it impractical for small businesses.


Amazon, eBay, and the other marketplaces ( Marketplace, (now, and, to name a few) handle a lot of the infrastructure, marketing, and traffic-building for you, so that can be great way to get started in the world of e-commerce, learn, and grow your business. No expensive Google Adwords accounts needed. No web developers or web designers needed. You will need someone to process the orders!


So, how much does it cost to sell on the marketplaces? It varies by marketplace and by product category. eBay's cost structure is the most confusing, while Amazon's is the most expensive. You can see a side-by-side comparison of eBay, Amazon, and other marketplace selling fees on my marketplace commission comparison page.


There are many businesses whose revenues exceed $1MM per month on eBay and/or Amazon. That's not realistic for all businesses; but for many, doing $100,000/month or more is attainable.


Lastly, it's not your mother's eBay anymore! You don't have to use auctions to sell on eBay. Though I do have extensive auction knowledge and recommend doing some auctions, the majority of your business should be normal fixed-price sales on eBay. I'll show you how using auctions will enhance your eBay business. 


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Amazon had shut down our store, and eBay was sending us warnings. With Rick's help, we got the store re-opened; improved our listings and our seller ratings on both sites. We engaged in the Amazon FBA program. We made a lot of changes. Rick taught us a lot about how to run a profitable business on both Amazon and eBay, and our sales increased dramatically.

--Matt S., Custom Diesel, Inc.


At JTV, we were looking for ways to acquire more new customers. Rick helped us launch a new eBay store as a "proof-of-concept." It worked. The majority of our eBay customers had never purchased from us before, and some of the subsequently purchased from our main website, Rick then helped us launch a partnership with Channel Advisor, and we're looking to grow this business even more.

--Tim E., SVP of Strategy, Jewelry Television


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