A Survey of Ecommerce Buy Buttons    by Rick Wingender


Right now, I’m working on my Optimizely certification. If you’re not familiar with Optimizely, it’s a well-known testing and optimization platform, that enables companies to do A/B tests, multivariate tests, and multi-page testing on their websites.

Probably the oldest kind of test known to web professionals is the A/B test that tests the effectiveness of buy button colors, shapes, sizes, etc. When you started A/B testing, it’s possible that this is the first test you ever did.

I still think it’s interesting, even if most of us have settled the question(s). As part of my certification process, I thought it would be interesting to survey some well-known sites, and see what everyone is doing now for their CTAs. Does the text on the CTA really matter? Does the color? The size? The shape? The location? The surrounding space?

If you want to see the actual buttons for the 151 different sites that I looked at, you can see them all here. I’ve included a few summary takeaways there as well. My goal here was to see what different sites are doing these days; not to give advice. The only solid advice worth listening to is: test, and see what works best for YOUR site.