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If you are a small-to-medium sized business (SMB), your website may not be giving you the ROI that you expect. Ecommerce can be difficult for small businesses due to lack of expertise, bandwidth, or simply focus. If you’re just looking to start an ecommerce operation, there are ways to do that without a huge investment.


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I can help. I love working with SMBs. I'm a business-minded, technically-savvy ecommerce professional, with extensive experience in business strategy, e-commerce, digital marketing, online merchandising, and business operations. I solve problems in ecommerce operations, using a blend of common sense and industry best practices to arrive at profitable solutions. I'm your marketing director, online merchant, webmaster, strategist and trusted business advisor, all rolled up into one.


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Want to Create a Great E-commerce Webstore?

It's enticing, right? Customers from all over the country, or even all over the world! But how do you build a first-class e-commerce site? Where do you begin? What does it cost? Can you do it without hiring a bunch of people? What else is necessary besides just having a website? How can you give your customers a first-class customer experience, and still make money?


Developing a successful online business in neither easy nor simple. Mistakes can be expensive. With my years of retail, merchandising, e-commerce, and marketing experience at multiple Internet Retailer 500 companies, and my formal training, I can help answer these questions. We will look at your business together to understand your business, resources, and objectives, and start designing a multi-year plan to achieve your growth goals. If you don't have a lot of technical resources, I can help you identify and outsource whatever you need.


To be a successful e-commerce, online retail merchant, even on a small scale, you need staffing and expertise in three primary, but diverse skill sets: digital marketing, merchandising & promotions, and technical aspects including web development, web design, database management, and systems integration.


You'll need to start off with a good, well-rounded consultant, an e-commerce manager that practices and studies the industry, keeps up with changes and best practices, and understands that you need to run a profitable business. That's where I can help you. In addition to helping you plan out a ecommerce infrastructure and timeline, I can help you with vendor selection: web hosting company, PPC and email marketing services, web development / design firms, and so on. I will be your guide through this process.


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Amazon had shut down our store, and eBay was sending us warnings. With Rick's help, we got the store re-opened; improved our listings and our seller ratings on both sites. We engaged in the Amazon FBA program. We made a lot of changes. Rick taught us a lot about how to run a profitable business on both Amazon and eBay, and our sales increased dramatically.

--Matt S., Custom Diesel, Inc.


At JTV, we were looking for ways to acquire more new customers. Rick helped us launch a new eBay store as a "proof-of-concept." It worked. The majority of our eBay customers had never purchased from us before, and some of the subsequently purchased from our main website, Rick then helped us launch a partnership with Channel Advisor, and we're looking to grow this business even more.

--Tim E., SVP of Strategy, Jewelry Television


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